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Look “Under the Hood” of Your Gaming Floor

It's easy to know which moves to make when you know what

Use Astute BI Whole of Business Module to

  • support adjustments to your gaming floor
  • power future changes
  • pinpoint more profitable opportunities
Turnover Trend

Turnover Trend

Profitability by denomination

Profitability by denomination

Dynamic Gaming

Dynamic Gaming

How can Astute BI Gaming Benchmarks help your venue?

Maximise Earning Potential

See how your games distribution by denomination and manufacturer compares to the profit contribution for each to decide what adjustments need to be made.

Spot Under-performers

Easily see your worst performing games and those that have dropped off so you can quickly take action to improve your results.

Exercise Warranties

Don't get stuck with a new game that isn’t working for your venue. Stay on top of how your new additions are performing and send back those you don’t want.

Optimise Your Floor

See your occupancy by ADT to identify your best performing games and those that are heavily utilised by your customers but aren’t generating a comparable turnover.

Daily Reports

Stay up-to-date with what is happening with your gaming activity with daily reporting functionality. Spot trends as they are emerging to head off potential problems.

Compare Against Best

Obtain efficiencies and savings with supplier contracts through accurate information about product preferences for your key demographics

How Gaming Benchmarks Look

Astute BI has a range of reports to make it easier for you to see what is happening on your floor compared to other venues.

Venue Summary

See your key metrics – profit, turnover, visitation, top games, bottom games, actual vs expected – at a glance with this summary dashboard

EGM Ranking

See how individual EGMs are performing in terms of turnover, profit, expected and actual net, strokes and machine availability. Play around with how the games are listed using filters and a variety of ordering options.

EGM Occupancy

Get a quick visual on gaming activity in terms of occupancy and ADT. See at a glance what games are being most utilitised and producing the highest turnover.

Distribution Summary

See how your EGMs are performing across your gaming floor by distribution (denomination and manufacturer) and the contribution to profit and turnover.

Trend Reports

See turnover and profit trends as they emerge and easily compare performance against previous periods. You’ll also be able to instantly build your own rate of return and contribution analysis reports by manufacturer and denomination.

Flexible Reporting

Slice and dice your way through your Gaming, POS & Player data to produce the exact reports you want, when you want them.