Astute BI


Your players are people – get to know them

Astute BI gives you so much more than just demographics; it shows you exactly when your customers visit, their player behaviour and game preferences so you can target your marketing with precision. Gain insights from combined gaming and POS data and engage your loyal players beyond the gaming floor.

Most valuable players
Know who your most valuable players are and look after them. With new insight you can tailor your customer rewards to make them more appealing. Discover which games are most popular within your loyalty tiers and ensure the games that deliver results for your venue remain available.

Increase your marketing return on investment
With rich information at your fingertips you can stretch your marketing budget further, set strategy based on proven behaviour and seasonal patterns, and accurately measure your results.

Take your internal insights and apply them to your customer acquisition and retention strategies – watch your venue and revenue grow.

CARD IT Summary

CARD IT Summary

Membership Summary

Membership Summary

Member Spend

Member Spend

How can Player Intelligence reporting help your venue?

Understand Your Customers

Get a comprehensive view of what games your customers like.

Targeted Marketing

Targeted marketing is easier when you know exactly when your customers visit, where they live and demographic information.

Customer Rewards

Make your customer rewards more meaningful by selecting what you know will appeal to individual members based on their gaming patterns.

Measure Results of Your Marketing

You'll be able to see if your marketing promotions hit the mark or if they need fine-tuning to get the results you want

Easier Planning

Take the guess work out of planning by knowing what your customers prefer.

Measurable Data

No need to rely solely on anecdotal reports about your members, see for yourself how your members really interact with your venue.

How PI Reporting Looks

Astute Player Intelligence Reporting has a range of daily reports to make it easier for you to see what your customers are doing when they visit your venue:

Membership Summary

See your key figures – turnover, average spend by visit and member visitation – at a glance with this summary dashboard.

Member Ranking

Learn what games particular members like and what the underlying return is to your venue so you can make sure the members most valuable to you are well looked after.

Member Spend by Visitation

Get a quick visual on member activity in terms of member spend and visit frequency. Plan your promotional activities to target particular members.


Learn all about your customers – gender, age, location – then target your advertising to reach the demographic and geographic areas that matter.

Preferences & Performance

Discover what games are most popular amongst your loyalty tiers and ensure that the games that deliver results for your venue remain available.

Flexible Reporting

Slice and dice your way through your Gaming, POS & Player data to produce the exact reports you want, when you want them.