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Slice and dice your data, your way

The Cube is an analytical paradise. Step outside the dashboard and into The Cube to create your own custom Microsoft Excel reports that are easy to manipulate and share. Save reports as templates and the data will be refreshed each time the document is opened via a secure connection.

CARD IT Summary

CARD IT Summary

Membership Summary

Membership Summary

Member Spend

Member Spend

How can Custom Reporting via The Cube help your venue?

Instant Data Refresh

Your custom reports can be updated each time they are opened with a secure connection direct to the Astute BI data warehouse

Easy to Manipulate

Drag & drop the dimensions and measures you want into your excel spreadsheet to display the information you want.


Have an idea for a report?  Create your own custom reports instantly without having to get someone else to scope it out and then create it for you.

How Custom Cube Reporting Looks

Astute BI Custom Reporting Cube gives you maximum flexibility to create your own reports.  Here are some samples:

Cube Templates

Save your often used reports as templates and then you can instantly refresh your data each time the document is opened.

Charts & Graphs

Once you’ve got the reports you want you can easily add graphs and charts to make the information easier to understand.

Easy To Transfer

Once you've produced the reports you want from The Cube, you can easily cut and paste the data into existing reports or into new documents to further customise the way the information is presented.